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With an investment of over RM60 million in the state-of-the-art construction and maintenance equipment, Emrail is at the forefront of a real rail renaissance that is emerging in the region. Emrail has in its portfolio these finest equipment for your projects :- 

Ballast Tampers 

Ballast Regulators

Flash Butt Welding Plant

Dynamic Track Stabiliser


Ballast Hoppers / Wagons

Flat Wagons


Thermit Welding Equipment 

Rail Profile Grinding Machines 

Wide Wheeled Rail Pulling Tractors

Abrasive Rail Saws

Rail / Road Excavators (KGTV)


Pandrol / Stedef Inserter / Extractors

Hydraulic Rail Threaders and Pullers

Hydraulic Rail Tensors

Hydraulic Vertical Rail Joint

Straightening Machines

Track Jacks

Track Lifting & Lining Machines

Gang and Materials Trolleys